10 Best Series to watch 2019 – A Guide to What to Watch Now

So, most of the youngsters nowadays have a habit of watching some of the tv series depending on their choice( which is a good habit). So if you are also one of them and got fed up by the dramas and the not so logical and the realist stories of the daily soaps of the Indian TV. You must read this article to know the Best Series to watch Now in 2019 But now even Indian cinema has also started some very interesting web series and among them, Scared Game is most popular till now, and surely we are looking forward to having some more interesting Tv series in India.


To give yourself relief and to have some personal time , to regenerate their energy , everyone should watch TV series.

The following are the reason to watch TV series :

  1. Some of the show motivate people, to pursue their dreams and what they actually want to do in their life. Some TV shows really are the source of motivation to many.
  2. TV shows expand people minds, they make them familiar with many other cultures, people mindset, their tradition, and much more things.
  3. Gathering with families, friends, relatives, this help in making a bond over again.
  4. If any TV show, makes you laugh there is nothing better than that for your health.


And now if you are trying to shift your interest from these to some of the English, British or Korean tv series. So you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to list Best Series to watch 2019.

These are the Best Series to watch 2019 which everyone should watch:


Is there anything which is funnier than FRIENDS? This is one of the best and most watched series. It is on the number 1 of almost everyone list who love to watch English tv series. And now FRIENDS are available on Netflix, do watch it if you love to watch comedy, romance, and friendship shows. This is the best Show of all time.

FRIENDS tv show always top in the list of best series to watch even in 2019.

One should follow the personal and professional life of 6 friends living in Manhattan.

Category : Comdey, romance

Starring : Jennifer Aniston , Matthew Perry , Courtney cox, Matt Leblanc, Lisa Kudrow , David Schwimmer.

Total seasons : 10

Best lessons to learn from friends:

  1. Real friends are just like family.
  2. Never let the Inner child within You.
  3. Never feel shy to ask in Life what you want in your life.
  4. Parenting is really a handwork
  5. Always communicate with your friends about what is bothering you.

 2. 13 Reasons why

It is an American teen drama web series. This is the story of a high school girl, Hannah Baker, who killed herself after facing gossips and sexual assault at her high school. And lack of support from her friends and school.

Category: Drama, Romance

Starring:  Katherine Langford, Dylan minnette , christain Navarro and many others.

Total seasons: 2 (till now , 2019)


  1. Your words can destroy somebody.
  2. You never know Which of your action hurt anyone and how much.
  3. even the happiest person have issues in their life.
  4. Always be kind to everyone.

3. Sherlock Holmes:

Sherlock Homles is a Crime drama series. It will be loved by those who love to watch something with a lot of suspense. It is a fictional private detective created by the British author.

Category: Suspense , Darma

If you love detective shows then , this the best Series to watch in 2019.

Starring: Robert Downey Jr.  Jude law , Rachel McAdams

Total seasons: 4


  1. Always work to develop your skills in the best possible way.
  2. Give your 100% in whatever you do.
  3. Always be observant.
  4. Always keep mind sharp and always be attentive.

4. Modern Family

It is a comdey series in which 3 modern family tries to figure out the problems related to their children, jobs, spouses in their own unique way and that is just amazing and worth watching with your family.

Modern Family is the best TV show to watch with family.

Category: Comedy

Starring:  Ariel Winter, Sarah Hyland, Sofia Vergara, Nolan Gould, Ty Burrell and many more.

Total seasons:  10

Lessons to learn from Modern family TV series:

  1. Wisdom always doesn’t come with age.
  2. No family in this world is perfect, everyone have issues in their family.
  3. Always do what you love to do and give your best in that.

5. Games of the thrones

It is most of the trending series among the youngsters nowadays. And everyone is just want to know the ending, it is that much with suspense. It is a fantasy drama series in which many royal families tries to gain control over Westeros.

GOT is the latest Best tv show to watch in 2019.

Category: Drama

Starring: Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams ,Peter Dinklage , Lena Headey and many more.

Total seasons: 8 ( which is going to release this April)

Lessons to learn from Games of Thrones:

  1. There is no horror in tricks which you applied in your lives.
  2. A sharp mind always need help of books.
  3. Never forgot your roots and never forgot who you are.

These are the best series to watch in 2019. .

If one have to choose between all these above stated Series , go on with FRIENDS. This top the lists in every case.

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