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Ever wondered why some are always happy, smiling and how others are just having a negative thought and always complaining about life? Who doesn’t want to live happily no matter what, everyone on this planet wants to happy? But surely many of us fail to do that because in a person life many things are going at a time and some things hurt him/her and affect their happiness. So, here are the best Powerful ways to stay positive and happy.


Does anyone else also get a feeling of negativity from some people because they are just full of that kind of thoughts? We all are human beings so it’s our tendency also to have negative thoughts because that’s how life functions, is not a bed full of roses it’s a thorny path.

And the solutions to all these problems is within ourselves and that is our subconscious mind or the sleepy mind, all the automatic movements of the human behavior are guided by the most powerful inner power which guides the human behavior.

 Man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. – Mahatma Gandhi 

We must have to change this habit and try to become a more positive person, we must channelize your thoughts in a positive direction. Always have that positive attitude within you and you will find that all your problems are vanishing.

The only way by which other person upset is only by your own thoughts.


Well, a person is surrounded by many negativity around his/ her that may be from any people, or the way people speaks or put on their thoughts, we live in an era of competition, and negativity prevails. But one must live always happy and be cheerful because that will lead you to live a happy life.

Create a positive environment to live in:

Always surround yourself with the people who upliffts , supports you and help to live a life of more positivity.

Spend as much as you can to people who uplift you, cheer your mood and way too much less time with people who bring negativity. Start spending less time in social media, because that also bring negative things in your mind, start living in your own space and give time to productivity things like reading books, spend time in your solitude.

Start your day with an optimist thought:

Always start your day with a positive and optimist thought because that will make or spoil your day. In the morning always have a good thought in your mind. Read any good news or a small paragraph of a good book that will energies your energy in the best possible ways and this is how you can stay happy at work.

Always focus on the Solutions:

This is the human tendency that we think about a question a lot more time instead of focusing on the best possible answer it can have. So, stop bragging about a negative situation or a question and start focusing on the solution to it.

This will save you time and Make your mood better. So always try to find a positive answer to any question. And yes stop procrastination.

How to Stay happy at work:


your morning routine plays a very important role in staying you happy and positive at work. Strat your oring wiht a happy routine , go gfor a morning walk, stay hyderated and always have a good breakfast.

Start doing the activities which make you happy and cheerful.


Don’t comapre yourself with other, especially someone with high knowledge level and more work experience than you . Human beings strat comparing themselves with people who are more productive than them. Be pratical.

Because happy people know they are no less and no more than theirs and they never compare themselves with others. Comparison ourselves with is the worst thing to do to harm yourself in a long way.


Hapinness is always a matter of choice. If you make this choice to be happy at work then you will stay happy . Saying this is very easy , but implementing this is difficult. t is always your choice. Start to implement things and soon you will notice the changes.

Stay positive and happy

Spend more time with friends who supports you and brings positive in you and avoid negative news and people for sure.

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  • POWER OF VISUALISATION:   Visualize all your prayers coming true in your head, visualize your all goals and dreams become true in our head and this visualize will come to you in real at the rightest time. Visualization is most powerful when paired with passion.
  • POWER OF SLEEP: Whenever in doubt or you are having a tough time in making decisions go to sleep because most of the powerful and the right decisions are made after a perfect sleep night. Always remember have a positive, productive thought before going to sleep.
  • CHOOSE HAPPINESS: Happiness is a habit, always choose happiness. Anchor your thoughts with peace, harmony, security and then happiness will come to you fulfilling all your dreams.
  •   THANKSGIVING NATURE: Always thanks to god about all our blessings. While waking up in the morning have gratitude to thanks to God for giving you the other day to make it best of your life.

Always remember you have the power to choose, Choose Happiness! Choose life! Choose love! Choose health!!

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