Increase Self-confidence and Self-esteem – 8  Most Effective Ways

Self-confidence is what everyone should own. If someone owns great self-confidence, they work for years to gain it. In today’s scenario of limitless competition, your self-confidence is something that will make you stand out of the crowd. But the question which pop-up in everyone’s mind is that, How to increase Self-confidence?

What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence can be refers as a feeling of trust, it’s the ability of someone to see their own social and personal abilities.

Self-confidence depends on many things including a person upbringing, his/her way of living, work culture, their dedication and many other things.


Daily Do things which scare you:

Always do one thing in a day which scares you, of which are afraid of. This is the best way of in the universe to overcome the fear of whatever you’re having.

Just move out of your confidence and that will be the best way to boost your confidence level.

Because when you do things which scares you after that you will find that you can perform them, it at last this will boost your level.

Dress smartly:

Yes, that is to write. Whenever you’re feeling low then got yourself dressed in the best outfit. This will also brighten up your mood. And dressily properly is the easiest way to increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Smart dress is always an international symbol of status and how confident you are. This dress can be a simple suit, a nice pair of shoes and any gadget which is your favourite.

Don’t hold on to failures and negative feelings:

Always accept that failures are part of everyone. In their journey to success, everyone faces failures. But one mistake that most of the people do is that they hold to those failures and that negative power.


Accept them and move on. This is the best traits of the successful people, they never hold on to the negative thoughts.

Don’t care what other people says:

Yes, because people will be saying negative and positive things, they will judge you but it depends on you, whether you focus on negative or positive.

There will be people saying you’re dreams are too big. Let them say, you do your hard work and focus on that.

If you know that you can do it, believe in yourself and keep going.

Exercise Daily:

Exercising can help you to retain things, knowledge and keep you healthy. And a healthy person is in a good mental state and make more effective decisions. So always take out time for exercise and invest in your health. Exercise improves you in every aspect of life. So, never neglect it.

Practice Appreciations:

Everyone suggest us to write and the negative point about us and focus on them and improve them. But does anyone told us to write your positive points and appreciate them? So, today onwards start writing all your positive points and appreciate. Because when you appreciate them, you will enjoy good things and start feeling positive about yourself.

Always give your best:

Whatever you’re doing in your life, give your best in that. Because if you give best them you will be satisfied with your performance and you will be aware that this is your best. If you work with full dedication and this will give a positive impression in your family, friends and colleagues. So, perform your best.


Whenever you got rejected at any interview or anything. Do take it in a positive way. Accept the fact that no one is perfect and everyone is lacking somewhere and start working on yourself in the best positive way.

You will get feedback from people, and from those feedbacks identify the areas of improvement where you need improvement and work on them. This will help you to perform well next time in the future.

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This book is written by Napoleon Hill. This book is much more beyond how to generate money and wealth. By reading this book, you will come to know how to accomplish things? Especially those ones about which you are passionate and burning desire and many other reasons.

So, now the question is how this book will help you to increase confidence? Well. Do give it a read and you yourself will get the answer to this question. This book will definitely help you to achieve anything which you ever wanted to achieve and can make anything happen.


This book is written by Susan Jeffers. Well, who don’t have fear? Many of us are having fear of public speaking, darkness and many more things.

Feel the fear and do it anyway, will help the readers how to overcome their fears and how to overcome them and achieve whatever you ever want.


Written by Dale Carnegie, this book has proven success to many in my family, friends and much worry. As we all know worries are not new, but those who conquer them are the real heroes. Book will suggest how to stop worrying and start living in the best possible way.

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