8 Self-defence Tricks: Every woman should know

Every day when a girl moves out of her house she is afraid and feels uneasy getting bad vibes from the stranger moving beside her. So, the art of Self-Defence is a thing which everyone should learn in the present scenario. So here we should talk about 8 self-defence tricks.

According to the January 2018 survey of every 1000 women, 80 per cent have experienced different types of harassment from which most common is verbal harassment.

51 per cent are touched or groped in an unusual way while 27 per cent has suffered from sexual harassment.

Self-defence is the protection which every single person should learn.

According to a study from the University of Oregon that each one who has learned self-defence feels positive about their bodies.

Learning self-defence tricks will help you to be fully confident.

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And are more equipped on how to deal with strangers and also have increased self- defense.

So there are 8 self-defense tricks which would save you from many problems so we can also call them life-saving tricks:


If someone is coming from the front then just Groan kick is enough to give harm to the stranger and escape from there easily.

A girl should be confident and live her life tension free, So, here is the best Self-Defence Tricks

Procedure to perform:

Just maintain your stable position and lift your dominant leg up to your hips, slightly lean back, and kick forcefully at the attacker’s groin area.

This is one of the best 8 self-defense tricks to prevent yourself from any problem.


If your attacker is too close and you are unable to give him/her a strong kick or punch then just use your elbow in a way that he/she is heartened hard.

Procedure to perform elbow strike self-defense trick :

If you are in a position to stabilize yourself then keep your legs to ensure a powerful blow.

Next, bend your arm to the elbow, lean forward and strike your elbow to your attacker’s chin, neck or temple as they are effective targets and it will allow you to run.


Eyes, nose, throat, and groin are very sensitive part and have maximum impact as they are vulnerable areas.

women is fighting  for herself by learning self defence.

While you are executing you should use all of your strength and believe in yourself and think you are a powerful lady and you can also use your voice while you are attacking.

Don’t try to attack the chest, knees as they are ineffective areas if you are comparatively weak from that person.

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This attack can be very much effective if executed on nose and chin etc. To get maximum results should stand exactly in front of the attacker.

Procedure to execute:

Using your dominant hand, flex your wrist and now hit the attacker on the throat, chin, and nose which will cause the stagger backward and you can easily escape and run away.


If the attacker is following you and will attack you on backside then this is the best option to prevent you from this problem.


Bend forward from the waist which will shift your weight forward which will make difficult for the attacker to pick you up.

Then you should do continuous counter-attack which will give you enough time to turn and give another shot which will help you to run and escape away.


If the attacker is walking beside you then he can lock your head between his arms during it the first thing is to not let yourself chocked.


After coming out from the side lock give the attacker many free slaps and then just kick the ass so that the attacker falls and you could run away.


If you are physically unable to attack in such a way then you should use self-defence tools like:

  • Call the police: The most important thing to do first is to make a call by dialling 100 or 911 if you feel that you are in an emergency or any problem.
  • Carry protection: If you carry protection like pepper spray, safety alarm or a lipstick Taser which will make you feel more at ease.
  • Stay in public area: If you are in the public area then don’t try to just run and go away in an empty area it can harm you much more than in the pubic area.


According to the studies, it has been known that 70 per cent of rape, molestation cases are only on family, friends, and relatives.

If you are making new friends then you must be aware of the boundaries you have had made to yourself.

If your friend is making you cross the limits then he/she is not good for you and you must take strict action against it.   

Self-defence tricks everyone should know.

So there are 8 self-defence tricks you a girl should learn if you want to live stress-free and fear-free.

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