What is the state of Women in Haryana, we all are well aware of that, but there are some women in the state who are challenging the stereotypes and making India proud. In this article, there is a list of Top Haryana women making the nation proud.

DWell starting with a question, which states has the worst sex ratio?

And the answer is Haryana. The state of Haryana is having a  tag of “girl killer”, a state with people who thought that the birth of a boy is a blessing and birth of a girl is a curse.

Despite all its odds and prevailing stereotypes, the girls of Haryana state is making their state and nation proud.

Whether that is a success in sport, success in movies, climbing Mt. Everest, bagging the title and welcoming them back in our nation.

These women are guiding other thousands of women in the state to break the conservative barriers and stereotypes.  

The odds which a woman in Haryana faces we all are well aware. According to the reports of 2018, the sex ratio of Haryana is about 924 girls per 1000 men and this is much better as compared to that of 2016 reports.

There is a Notorious saying in Haryana is that “Raising a daughter is like watering a plant of neighbor.

This means that people out in Haryana thought that girl is an asset of another family because they will get married and go to another family.

But despite all these circumstances, odds, and stereotypes, there are women in Haryana who are making the state and the nation proud throughout the word.

So here is a list of top Haryana women making Nation proud.


The Phogat_sisters i.e Geeta, Babita, Priyanka, Ritu, Vinesh and Sangita.  belongs to a village of Balali in Bhiwani district of Haryana

The phogat sisters are among the top women in haryana making the nation proud.

Geeta, Babita, Ritu, and Sangita are daughters of former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat. Whereas vinesh and Priyanka are bought up by Mahavir Singh phogat after their father was killed in a land dispute.

The phogat sisters have achieved a milestone and also their name is in the golden words of Indian history.

These girls have broken the stereotypes and showing the world that a girl can achieve whatever she wants. She is no less than a man.

Achievements of the phogat sisters, Geeta Babita and vinesh are a gold medalist in different weight category in commonwealth games.

Priyanka has won silver at Asian championship

Ritu is a national level gold medalist and Sangita has won medals at age level international champions.

Geeta phogat won the first-ever gold medal in wrestling In commonwealth games and first female wrestler to bag this.

The Bollywood movie Dangal is based on the real-life story of the phogat sisters.

As of now ritu phogat quits wrestling and switched her career to mixed martial arts.


Sakshi Malik is a free style wrestler, born in a small town of Haryana , Rohtak.

sakshi malik with PM shri narendra modi , she is  one among the top women of Haryana making the nation proud.

She is the first female wrestler to win a medal in Olympics. She won a bronze medal in the 58kg category in summer Olympics in 2016.

 Along with bagging a medal in olymics, she is awarded many prestigious awards of our nation including Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Padma Shri, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna for wrestling.


Well to whom this name doesn’t sound familiar?

She was born in a town of Haryana , karnal .

She was the first woman of India to go to space.  She was an American astronaut and engineer.

kalpana chawla , indian astronaut , she was born in Karnal and one among the top women maikng the nation proud.

Some of the prestigious awards of kalpana Chawla include:

Congressional space medal of honor, NASA space flight medal. NASA distinguished service medal.

 She was died in 2003.


Born in a small village Shahabad Markanda in Kurukshetra District of Haryana. Rani Rampal is an indian field hockey player.

this hockey player from haryana , is among the top women of haryana making the nation proud

She was the youngest player of India’s hockey team in the 2010 Olympics,  she was just of age 15 at that time.

She is considered as one of the best hockey player in the world.

Also as is the captain of India hockey team, she led the indian hockey team as a captain in 2018 Asian games, where they won the silver medal.

Also, adjudged as the “player of the tournament” at 2013 junior world cup.

Rani Rampal was named for FICCI comeback of the year award in  2014.


Well, she has become the name of the household in India. She has been crowned the miss world in 2017. It is not wrong to say that Haryana’s girls are popular in the glamour world as well. Manushi chhillar who take back the crown to the country after 17 years was born in Rohtak, a town of Haryana.

Manushi chhillar , Miss world 2017 , is among the top women in Haryana making the nation proud.

She was pursuing her MBBS degree from a government college which is located in the rural part of Sonipat district of Haryana. that’s not all she is a poet, painter, and a trained  Kuchipudi dancer. 

This beauty of Haryana has many more achievement including :

CNN –IBN Indian of the year awards, Femina Miss Inia 2018, Women empowerment award in South Asian women empowerment Gala.

6.  Parineeti Chopra :

A well-known name in the Bollywood industry. She was born in Ambala city of Haryana. And she is one of the most successful actresses of Bollywood.

Parineeti Chopra , a well known name in bollywood indistry was born in Haryana and among the top women from Haryana making the nation proud.

She has awarded many prestigious awards of Bollywood industry including Filmfare award for the best female debut, and IIFA awards for many of her movies.


 Santosh Yadav an indian mountaineer, She was born in a small village Joniawas in Rewari district of Haryana. She became the first women in the world to climb the mt.everst twice and also the first who climb mt.everst from

Santosh Yadav , an Indian mountaineer was born in a small Village of haryana

And she has been awarded Padma shri in 2000.

Now she is serving as an officer in Indo-Tibetan border police.


Sania Nehwal , the top rank holder in the international badminton.

Saina Nehwal was born in Hisar city of Haryana. She has won near about 24 international titles in badminton. and has represented India in Olympics for 3 times and won a bronze medal in her second appearance.

Saina Nehwal was born in a city of Haryana i.e Hisar  .

She has awarded many prestigious awards of India including,    Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and many more.

Indeed these girls from Haryana are breaking the odds and stereotypes and setting examples of what a girl can achieve if she’s supported by their families and especially if society stops discriminating between a girl and boy.

so, the list above of Top Haryana women making the nation proud states that

There is a very famous quote by  Brigham  young , an American leader

If you educate a man, you educate a man, but if you educate a woman, you educate a generation.

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