Teenage Survival Guide- The Ultmate Key with Best Tips!!

So, if you are a teenager, suffering from issues of high school, love life, the judgement of other people. If a teenager survival guide is available then it much easier to survive in High school and other matters of LIFE especially for girls.

So, here we aim to provide you with the best teenager survival guide that can help you somehow and help you to love yourself More!!

  1. Your Parent Loves You!!

As in teenage life, we think that your parents don’t love us, they are not as cool as your friend’s parents and much more. They scold you for your mistake but only because they love you and they want to protect you from the evil outside world.

But Let me tell you there’s no one in your life that LOVES YOU more than your parents.

So, love them back and make them Proud!!

Your Grades Matters:

I heard many people saying that your grades don’t matter. But truly speaking I don’t think so. Because you’re high school grades matters a lot. That will define in which college you land up!! And that will define your Career growth.

So, stop procrastinating your studies and start paying attention to your Studies and achieve good grades.

Earn respectable grades and make your parents PROUD!!!

Value Money:

Yes, yes, yes you heard this right. Currently, your parents are providing for all your expenses. But sooner or later you have to become independent, you have to take care of everything for your own.

Will have to earn your own money!! So, start learning from today onwards how can you save your money. 

Do party less!! We are not suggesting or saying you to stop partying that all because with this people won’t be surviving in High School.

But learn to save !! Start a small investment and try to gain more financial knowledge.

Always think before saying anything:

This is generally a problem with everyone, not only with teen. Always think before saying anything or giving your opinion somewhere.

Because this can help you to achieve so much in your life. This will help you in your high school with maintaining a good relationship with your friends will save you from the breakup,  and from any other misunderstanding.

Make True and Bestest Friends:

Yes, many of us make mistakes by choosing boys over best friends or something like this. But those boys can come and go but your girlfriends are FOREVER!!! 

Because we know that high schools friends are forever and they help you to achieve great success in your life. So, choose your best friend before others.

Keep good communication with your Family:

Whenever we are sad or going through a tough time, we start living alone and start cutting off with people. But always remember in these situations only your family and true friends can help you out and make you feel better about your life and everything else. And this is one of the best tips for teenage survival that should be included in this guide.

So, always keep a good communication with your family.

Plan Big, Plan Ahead:

Always plan for your future, plan your future and always plan BIG!!! Because these are the only years of your life that can nurture you in the best possible way. 

You can also be the next  Kylie Jenner!!

teenage survival guide

Get growing, keep shining.

Be Yourself:

It’s too late to advise this, but this is the best advice which everyone can give you, but only a few follow. So, BE YOURSELF. Never try to copy someone or try to become something, because you are you and that is your POWER!! So, never ever try to become someone who is not even you. 

Stay true to your inner self.

Social Media is for FOREVER:

A teenager spends more than 4 hours a day on scrolling social media which includes Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp the most. And also keep posting pictures on a regular basis. But they forgot that social media is for forever if you post something, a third party person had always have that thing of yours.  

teenage survival guide

Every post, every tweet and whatnot, they last for forever. So, take care of that. 

Focus on your studies and never waste your time. And this is the ultimate teenage survival guide that should be taken very seriously.

Your Health is Important:

Youngsters nowadays are involving in drugs, alcohol and many other harmful things way too much. They don’t realise that their body is the biggest asset they ever have. 

Your body has different metabolism when you are young and old.

So, before involving in any harmful thing, show concern with your family members or close friend. Bring this topic with them so you can get the true advise you’re looking for.

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