How to reduce Anxiety? Different natural Ways to reduce Anxiety

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling of fear and nervous as a response to stress it usually appears when it is our first day of school, giving a speech or going for a job interview. Anxiety is a very healthy and normal emotion of a person, but when one starts facing regular anxiety then it can cause mental disorder in the human. In today’s Scenario people faces different issues and it led to worry, anxiety and much more in a Person. So, here we will discuss some ways to reduce anxiety.

anxiety is a very common  issue faces by people of different age in today's scenario. So, here we came up with some of the best ways to reduce anxiety.


Especially the feeling of anxiety varies from people to people as it can range from stomach ache to a racing heart.

Some more symptoms of anxiety are the following:

. Rapid breathing

. Lack of concentration

. Restlessness

. Increased heart rate

. Difficulty in falling asleep

But if your feelings of anxiety are extreme then the normal anxiety can be transformed to Anxiety Disorder.

Different Ways to Reduce Anxiety :


Physical activity plays a key to enhance well-being within people and promote quality sleep as it performs functions as the following :

Decrease stress hormone:

It decreases stress hormone like cortisol along with it increases endorphins- giving your mood a natural boost.

Is a good source of social support:

The benefits of social support are well documented and performing it can be a social activity.

Exercise promotes confidence as well.



meditation plays a key role to cop from this problem thus it is the best way to reduce anxiety.

Meditation is a self-help method which can be applied to reduce short term stress as well as long term anxiety. Even there are many different forms of meditation each one is unique and all have different results.

You can develop your own Mantra and repeat it various times with a deep breath whenever you feel anxious and it caps you a little bit but if you perform on daily basis then you can be able to overcome this problem easily.


A balanced diet means having nutrients, vitamins and also protein in an appropriate amount which is required by our body.

A poor and unbalanced diet can lead to stress and high fat.

Food like cookies and potato chips can increase blood sugar level which ultimately increases stress and anxiety level while on the other hand foods like eggs, avocado, walnuts balance energy level.  


 The girl is talking to herself which helps to reduce anxiety.

One thing which is a must is that you must replace your negative thoughts with positives and spread positive around you by talking positively to yourself.

Moreover, be straight forward and answer the question on the spot as it will reduce stress and anxiety.

As well as compassionate and optimistic conversation can help you manage your emotions and take positive actions.

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Research shows that colouring has a meditative effect and which makes it a perfect outlet for stress reduction.

Getting in touch with the work of art and craft is a creative side of one person which can act as a stress reliever, as well as adult painting books, are also getting name and fame.

If you have lost your touch with a penchant for artwork then it is still not too much late to pick it again and throw your anxiety away and rock.


Various type of medication can treat anxiety which includes:


Tricyclics like imipramine and clomipramine are helpful but as well as have many side effects like dizziness, Inc. of fat, drowsiness.


Most of the people face this problem and they use anti-depressants to overcome depression but they are not always helpful so newly designed SEROTONIN REUPTAKE INHIBITORS (SSRI)is a good option to treat this problem

Benzodiazepines can also be used.

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Just focusing on the way you breathe can undoubtedly contribute a lot to treat this problem anxiety.

The best part of this is that no one will even get to know that you are trying to control your anxiousness and stress as well as this will be helpful to attend business meetings.

Process of breathing can be:

Breathe in through your nose and watch your belly to fill with air then count up to three as you inhale. Hold it for one second and exhale through the nose again counting to three.        


Gratitude helps you to know about all the things you are thankful like it can be for a sunny day or grateful for that you have arrived at your destination safely and as well as studies show that people who pay their gratitude enjoy a better quality of life as well as better mental health.

So you must make it your regular habit after dinner for the whole day to which you are grateful.

Last but not least I would like to say that there are many ways which can be performed by us without any external help and without the need of any amount of money so use these methods and live stress-free.


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