So the festival of colors is just about to come.  And everyone is just ready to celebrate this festival of color in “rang barshe bhige churan vali “ style just like Amitabh banchan. But this can we very detrimental for both our skin and hair.  So just take care before and after the celebration.

So there are some tips and hacks which everyone should take care of:


Give a coconut oil massage to your hair: No one can prevent our hair from damaging from those harmful colors full of Holi, but having an oil massage can prevent the color to went to your scalp.

  • Just have a braid or a high bun: Just tie our hair in a braid any of your choice, it will prevent our inner hair and also give you a stylish look. And having a high is most in the trend. it will give you a perfect look for the before Holi photoshoot.
  • How to wash hair after the celebration: Must wash your hair at least two time with lukewarm water after the celebration because it is just impossible to remove that colors in just one wash. Do not forgot to use conditioner after the hair wash.
  • Egg mask: Just apply one egg mix with some olive oil and coconut oil for 20 mints. It will give that lost conditions to your hair.
  • Use curd and honey: If you are not an egg person, you can also use the curd and honey mask on your hair for 20 -30 min.


NO MAKE UP DAY:  do not use any kind of makeup on that day because it will mix chemical colours and that can cause irritation or some allergies.

  • Best friends of  skin:  Apply a thick layer of moisture and do not forgot to apply sunscreen with the high SPFs. It will prevent from sunburn and also from the colors. You can mix both of them in the desired quantity and apply that on your face and neck.
  • Best face pack: take some gram flour, mix raw milk and some honey to that and apply that for at least 10 min and then rinse it off.


  • Apply Nail polish: To prevent your nails and cuticles from the color apply a nail polish and apply some oil on your cuticles.
  • LIPBALM: Do not forgot your lips in that busy schedule. Apply a minimal amount of lip balm on your lips
  • Try to wear sunglasses: Just try to wear sunglasses to prevent your eyes from harmful colors.
  •  If you have any irritation after colors applied on your skin just apply some aloe Vera gel over that area or apply a paste of turmeric powder mix with honey.

Have a safe and beautiful Holi celebration!!!!!

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