Rachel Green a fictional character from six cast members of friends which started on September 22, 1994, and completed 236 episodes on May 6, 2004.  Rachel Green has influenced this web series a lot as during this series she became youth icon as well as wonder actress.  The Actual name of Rachel Green is Jennifer Aniston. She turned 49 this February 11. So there are some of best Rachel Green’s outfit.


Rachel green is looking stunning in her bridal dress.
Pic Credit: Instagram

In the pilot episode of friends as well as it was her grand entrance Rachel Green wore off shoulder wedding dress with a beautiful veil which gives her a glamorous and beautiful look she wore it as she flew away from her wedding and there on the coffee shop she, fortunately, found her best friend Monika Geller.

Also, get to know all about the best Outfits of Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Jeniffer Aniston wearing all black dress and looking beautiful.
Picture: Instagram

In the fourth episode of, season one Rachel green wore an all-black dress with plain button-up black crop shirt with high waist mini skirt which was looking appropriately pretty and giving handsome look to Rachel green.


Rachel Green wearing one of her best outfit.
Picture: Instagram

In episode ten of the season, 2 Jennifer Aniston used leopard print top having tortoise neck with beautiful black jeans and with it she tied her hairs up and then she used lovely earrings with the whole combination she looks pleasant and gorgeous in the complete dress.

COLOURFULL STRIPPED BLAZER: one of Best of Rachel Green’s outfit.

Rachel is looking amazing in this colorful coat.
Picture: Instagram

In second season episode, 18 where Dr Remory dies Rachel green wore a colourfull blazer to pay her fun tribute to a doctor.

She used colorful blazer with a plain white shirt and classic blue jeans which proves she is not afraid to rock a pattern.

Thus, it is one of the best of Rachel Green’s outfit.


the compete black and white combination is looking beautiful every girl should try.
Picture: Instagram

Black and white are the favorite colors of approximately every girl so Rachel green also rocks in this combination where she used black miniskirt with geometrical black and white skin tight top which ultimately make her look stunning, charming, and delightful.


this button up shirt is simple and best.
Picture: Instagram

In season three, episode number seven Rachel Green wore Brown Suede West which was one of the dresses which she wears when she is on her duty working in Central Perk which includes button-up Shirt.

It was one of the most memorable looks of her in the whole session of friends.  


Black color is looking wonder on Rachel as well as it will suite others so everyone should try.
Picture: Instagram

In season 4, episode 18 she wore this dress when she was to meet her crush at her work when she works at Ralph Lauran. This dress has long sleeves and it is a semi-sheered black dress, the flowers on it give it much more fantastic and glamorous look.

She straightened her hair and kept them free which of-course would give her much more stunning and hot look.


the red color dress suits Rachel thus giving her best look.
Picture: Instagram

In episode 18 of season, 7 Rachel green wore Red gown when she was going with Joey in his award ceremony. This Red colour gown had a form-fitting silhouette which gives a plus point to Rachel green’s magnificent and decorative look.


Rachel used the glamarous outfit when she was in wardrobe.
Picture: Instagram

The floral printed skirt which was a backless and patterned halter dress with a cut and also has a deep neck.

 She used this dress in season 9, 14th episode.

This is the best dress which anyone should wear if she is going to the beach or in a warmer area to enjoy the holidays.


The best of Rachel Green's Outfit when Estelle Dies
Picture: Instagram

Estelle named character was joey’s agent. Rachel Green wore this wonderful dress when joey was sad about MRS. Estelle death in episode 15, season 10. Turtle neck t-shirt with a pleated miniskirt and ‘using high neck shoes with it gives her absolutely preppy look and it was one of the distinct pieces of her dresses in the whole web series.      


Rachel is in party offered by Monika and looking gorgeous.
Picture: Instagram

In season 8, episode 6 Monika throws Halloween party to all her friends. In that party, Rachel Green wore dress fully embroidered and strapless. This dress was giving a graceful and elegant look to Rachel Green and with this dress, Rachel used a few accessories including black choker but, still, she was looking stunning.


Last season, last episode and the most emotional episode was the most remarkable episode among all.

this image is the last seen image of the web series in which Rachel is looking wonder.
And the bests of Rachel Green's Outfits
Picture: Instagram

Black and white combination in dresses in the best combination for every person and Rachel Green used it in the last episode. She expertly assembled black tank top over a white T-Shirt and she also reused her high neck boots with this dress and overall she looks alluring, winsome, and divine.

Rachel Green outfits are most amazing and most adorable outfits which every girl should use to look magnificent and attractive like Rachel Green.

So, every girl in her whole life should at least try one outfit from Rachel Green’s outfit and I am sure that she will look amazing and attractive.    

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