Best Hair Styling Tools Every Girl Should Own in 2019

Whether you’re blessed with any kind of silky smooth, healthy hair. It does not mean that you don’t need the hair styling tools. These Tools should be with every girl, so to get a new look at whichever party you are rolling in.

So, if you want to feel like you just step out of the Salon whenever you’re stepping out of your house.

Here, we came up with the list of some hair styling tools which should be own by every girl in their wardrobe. So, let’s get started. You can have gorgeous hair so your own choice with the uses of these tools.

List of Best Hair Styling Tools:

1. Ceramic Hair Straightener Flat Iron:

Well, let me ask who doesn’t love silky, straight hair? Everyone does and this is the best among the all if you are willing to get straight hair within 10 minutes without stepping out of your house.

You can easily get Straight hair with the help of this Flat Iron. So, this tops the list.

2. Philips Hair Dryer:

To this, we can say the most affordable and the cheapest Hair Dryer. Yes, this is the best and the most affordable. The size of this is also perfect and you can easily carry it with yourself wherever you’re going. So, this is basically a Steal.

Some of you might have thought that blow drying your hair can damage? Well, that a fair imagination because blow drying your hair will make your hair freezy and dry.

But for that also you must have to take precaution. Like you can use a heat protection Spray and also keep in mind to use the dryer from a distance.

This hair dryer came with the option to manage the speed so, this basically depends upon you whether you want high or low.

3. Hair Scalp Massager Brush:

This brush id just amazing and very easy to handle and you can easily carry it with you wherever you want.  Due to it’s Super Grip makes it super easy when you are shampoo your hair.

Hair Massager is important to tool because it led to blood circulation, deep cleansing and also help to nourish your scalp in the best way.

4. Detangling Brush:

This is a must to have hair styling tools with every girl. This brush will effortlessly detangle your hair and also prevent hair fall. And again this is also very much affordable.

5. Homeoculture cute Donuts:

If you’re a messy bun lover then these are the best thing to have. Because this will give you the best messy bun and look voluminous. And these Donuts are beneficial especially when you have to get ready soon, so you just roll your hair and secure it with booby bins than you’re ready to go.

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6. Hair Curler:

Now many of you think why this hair styling tool is so late in the list. Well, this list is not numbered base. Hair Culler is the tool which is much to have because this is a party hair styling tool.  Whenever so you’re going to a party and you don’t have silky straight hair, then you can just roll your hair a little bit and your perfect party look is ready. And even without damaging your hair from heat, this is total manual and safe.

Vega VHSCC 3 In 1 Hair Styler:

This is a 3 in 1 tool. You can roll, straighten, crimps your hair according to your mood. Whenever you want to have a sleek straight look then you can go with that.

This is a moody tool just like a girl’s Mood. So, there are multiple uses of this tool. And defiantly this is much worth and too affordable for the 3 uses.

How to Clean Hair Styling Tools?

Well, in the present scenario when we use your hair styling tools in our day to day life. So, it became necessary to clean them so to avoid that dirt to get on our hair and damage them.

So, there is a various way by which we can clean your hair styling tools in a very good way. And here are some of the ways to clean your tools.

How to clean a flat Iron?

You can just use some vinegar or you can also take the help of alcohol pad because that is an excellent source to remove all the dirt from the Hair Straighter.

Or you can just put some rubbing oil on a paper cloth and wipe the Flat Iron and let them get dry.

How to Clean Hair Dryer?

Cleansing a hairdryer is just a matter of 10 minutes. But always make sure that you had unplugged it otherwise that can be very dangerous.

After unplugging the hairdryer then you have to reassemble your dryer into pieces and make sure keep all part nearby so that it can be easy to find them later.

Just cleans it with an alcohol pad and let it dry and them assemble it like before.

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