Ultimate guide on How to Dress for an Interview 2019

 A big part is played by your dressing when you went for an interview. But the main question arises how to dress for an interview especially if you’re going to the first interview of your life.

Your dress plays an important role in getting your dream job.  Because of the way you dress represents how neat and clean, how punctual and how professional you are. So, dress the best.

If you want to dress your best for the interview and want to get selected to your dream job, read on this article.


  • Maintain good hygiene:

Always have a good and proper shower before going to an interview. Even if you’re super busy do always take a proper shower. This will make your body fresh and also you will feel refresh and energetic.

Always wash your hands before going to the interviewer because that you will be using first for handshaking with your interviewer.

Make sure you’re fully refreshed, neat and clean.

  • Be well groomed:

Before going to the interview make sure you’re well groomed. Your hair is well combed and should be neat. Women should be advised to comb your hair properly, they should look well managed. And I prefer to tie your hair in a ponytail, you can go along with your personal choices and according to the work culture.

  • Trim your nails:

Always clean your nails and cut them before they will get noticed the most when you make handshake when you make any hand gesture or hand movement while talking.

So always make sure that you will remove all dirt from them.

Women are advised to avoid bright nail colors and opt for any nude color or  light pink will also we okay.

  • Go minimum with the bright colors:

For interview formals are preferred, so always avoid any bright flashy colors. Always be mindful for choosing the appropriate color for your dress. Choose the best and wise color and which look decent at the same time.

  • Always go light on perfumes:

Never use too much perfume while going to an interview also go light and with fewer sprays. Because you never know what your interviewer is allergic. So don’t opt for any strong perfume.

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Never look too much outdated:

Change is a constant thing. In the continuous world, don’t wear something outdated. Always keep your wardrobe up-to-date. Invest in some fashion-forward clothes for an interview.

Always be careful of casuals:

Many companies to do prefer formal clothes. If you wear too formal clothes in such a company then you will look sticky and stuffy. So, always check out the company’s website before going out for an interview. Because this can help you in knowing what to wear for an interview.

But if you’re wearing casual then be careful of the casual, don’t look too casual. Always wear a good collar t-shirt, a nice polo shirt and will be best with a sensible pair of shoes.

But always keep in mind don’t look to much relaxed for an interview.

Always use the minimum level of makeup:

Never too much of makeup to an interview, always opt for the nudist makeup look. Wear subtle makeup, this will make your face fresh.

Face is the first thing to get noticed so always have a good look  which should look professional and fresh.

  • Always wear subtle eye makeup. Wear light eye shadow and black mascara, make sure your employer see that you spend some time on your appearance.
  • Make the right choice of the lipstick, do to take a too much bright color, always choose a good, subtle lipstick.

Always wear that much amount of makeup that will make you look fresh and give a pleasant impression, avoid using a heavy layer of blushes, or some green or any other color eyeliner.

Your interviewer should know you came for an interview not for nay party.

Wear the appropriate top:

If you are going with formals wear a suit or a coordinated perfect blouse with that.

Don’t show your cleavage or wear anything that will make it. And avoid using any transparent shirt or top. Always choose the right top or blouse.

Choose the appropriate skirt:

Always choose the skirt according to your comfort zone. Plain black color or navy blue color is the best for an interview.

 A knee length skirt will be best. Avoid wearing too much short skirt because that will make you uncomfortable while sitting.

Choose the right fabric skirt. Cotton or khaki skirt will be best suited for any casual work environment.

 Make sure don’t look too tacky.

Choose the best shoes:

The most preferred color for an interview’s shoes is black. Avoid using shoes of some strange color. And always be comfortable. Always wear nice reasonably high heels and make sure you have walked them before going to interview.

Check your hoes don’t have nay dirt or anything to the bottom.

Choose the best accessories:

Never wear too much accessories to an interview. Always wear subtle jewelry , that go on good with your dress.

Never wear more than one bracelet or ring.

That is the ultimate guide on How to dress for an Interview.

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