7 Effective Ways How to Reuse Heavy Bridal Lehenga?

As we all know what a wedding lehenga means to a girl. A girl spent hours of hours or even numbers of days to choose the best lehenga for the big, and obviously the wedding dress cost of thousands of bucks and even lakhs.  But once after the big day is over, the question which arises in every women mind is how to reuse bridal lehenga?

Well, not everyone is ready to cut or restitched their lehenga due to various reasons including their emotions attached to that, memories and many other reasons.

But you are the one who is thinking of reusing your lehenga, so here are is a list of different ways how to reuse your heavy bridal lehenga?

Use the blouse separately:

If your lehenga’s blouse is heavy with heavy embroidery work on it. Then you can use the blouse separately with any plain saree of contrast clours or with a long skirt.

This will give you a stunning look, nowadays there is a trend of styling a plain and a light saree with heavy blouse. And the aspiration behind this style is Shilpa Shetty according to me.

You can also style it with a skirt with has many flares and recreate a amazing look.

The blouse can also be used with a palazzo pant or  any sharara.

 Use the Dupatta :

The heavy dupatta of the wedding dress can be used in many different ways. There is a lot of handiwork and embroidery work on the dupatta. One can use that dupatta and recreate it in a blouse. This will give you a brand new blouse to pair up and that will be a win-win situation for you.

use the dupatta in the best way.

One can also remake that dupatta in a full-length kurta because embroidery kurta is coming back in trends. This will give a stunning and new look and the best way to utilize your money.

Get clear and glowing skin at home naturally.

Give it a complete makeover:

Well, most of the women don’t want to cut down their wedding dress. But if you are among those who don’t have any problem with that then go for that complete makeover.

ways to reuse your wedding lehenga
Source: Pinterest

Convert your heavy wedding lehenga in a brand new Anarkali suit. Yes, this is the best thing to do. Because embroidery Anarkali is the best way on how to reuse your wedding lehenga.

Because that will also be a dress that you can always wear in your family function or at any occasion when you have to get the dress in ethnic.

Reduce the volume of the lehenga:

Well, all know how before a wedding a girl gives thousands of instruction to the tailor to add various layers and Kalis in your lehenga to give it a more voluminous look.

After a few years of the wedding when the thought of how to reuse the wedding lehenga, then go to a good tailor and instruct them to reduce or remove the extra layers from the lehenga. And remove the layers till it becomes less voluminous and gives you a look of the skirt. So you can wear it on any other occasion.

Cut out the borders:

Yes, I am not kidding if you’re sure that you will never use your lehenga again your life, then this is the best idea one can have.

Cut out the borders of your lehenga and use that heavy embroidery work borders on a plain saree. This will give your saree a stunning look and also make them look heavy and expensive for sure!!!

This will be a win win situation for you because you will get a brand new sari .

Pair it with skirt:

Yes this will also require a little amount of chopping but you can also  fold your lehenga from upside.

And make that a little short and pair this with any white cotton shirt just like Anushka Sharma did in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, and Deepika Padukone also style this in awards shows.

Reuse it:

Just open your hair, have a minimum makeup and earrings and wear your lehenga and drap the dupatta in another way.

Give this a minimalist look, just do not dress just like a bride and do not steal the thunder of the bride.

Change the style of draping the dupatta.

Style with it a cotton shirt:

As we all know to pair a shirt with skirt is back in trend. So, use your lehenga for that purpose. Style it with a cotton shirt and get the best and trending look.

Image source: Pinterest

If your lehenga is way too much heavy then try to reduce its volume and then style it with a shirt.

Keep it as it is :

If you’re too much attached to the dresses and you have a lehenga which you thought will never go out of style then just restore it for future, or for your daughter’s wedding. This has happened in Bollywood many times.

These all the different ways how to reuse bridal lehenga. But think twice before opting for an option and all other choices are your personal choices. In today’s Scenario, almost all women are making the best uses of the bridal lehenga.

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