Monica Geller Best Outfits which every girl should have in her wardrobe:

How are you spending your summer vacations? Well, most of the youngsters spend their vacations in watching the latest TV shows. And who priority list does not top F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Who does not aware of the name Monica Geller? This show is the best of all. We all know Rachel green is the fashion icon of the show. But I never understand why people never talked about Monica fashion sense? Because that is what catches my attention. So, here is the list of Top stunning Monica Geller outfits which every girl should own in her wardrobe.

So, let cheers the 90s fashion which is still ruling the heart of everyone. Monica’s dress attracts my attention because in how simple way she looks so classy and stunning. She can just pair denim jeans with an oversized sweater and just look so classy.


The straight-leg jeans with spaghetti strap tank top:

Blue jeans and red tank top, monica geller best outfit.

Image Source: Instagram

This look of Monica Geller is favorite of almost everyone. And just give it a look at how stunning she looks, and do not forget to carry a sling bag with it, to make it more wonderful. If you have watched friends with keen observation and with your all attention then you will be knowing that Monica’s wardrobe creates a number of Straight-leg jeans.

Just give a look to the above photograph of Monica. This is Monica Geller best outfits which I personally Love the most.

Mini summer dress with white sneakers:

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We all must have to agree this look has made its come back in the present scenario. This is the best and very cool dress if you want to have a chill weekend. This is the best dress of spring with floral print. And yes Monica pair this with small and elegant earings.

The one with the cool white tank top and denim dungaree:

Image source: Instagram

The list of Monica Geller outfit will not be completed without this outfit. This is so simple and stunning. This style is making their way back in the present scenario.  And the bangs are adding a plus point to this outfit.

Pair this dress with a pair of sneakers and you are ready to rock and roll the most casual cum stylish look of the day.

One with the best sweatshirt ever:

Image Source: Instagram

Who remembers this scene? Well, yay Rachel was also wearing the same type of sweatshirt. This is the best weekend look one can have in winters. It is oversized, comfortable yet stylish.

These sweatshirts are easily available in a street shop or one can buy them only, pair this with blue denim and you are all set to have a chill weekend.

The one with a short cardigan:

Image source: Instagram

This outfit is one of the best winter aspiration outfit, this cardigan paired with a white t-shirt and olive pant. This dress paring is just awesome.

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The All black:

The one with black on black is look is just winning heart of everyone.

Image Source: Instagram

You can pair this with any black over-sized or short tank top, keep it dark and you’re done for the day.

Rock with this look in to a movie or when you’re just hanging around your friends.

Coral stripped top:

The most comfortable dress. When you don’t want to get ready or you get confused, just rule out with simple tee with pairing that with blue jeans and black top.

You have seen Monica many times in simple tees when she was just hanging with her friends in Central perk just for gossiping and having some sips of coffee.

Denim on denim:

Image Source: Instagram

You can get Monica’s this look in 2019 and rock it. Pairing denim on denim can never go out of trends. And as we all know how much white sneakers have made their way back in 2018-19. The jeans are easy to go with just button up them and you have a stunning and trending.

Black and white striped  pants:

These pants got vanished somewhere, but have their comeback in last few. Monica pair this with a matching black tank top.

Best all black dress monica geller best outfit

Image Source: Instagram

You can pair it with any top but this will go best with spaghetti top. And pair this with flats.

This look is best in for spring , because these pants are just superb comfortable.

The boss lady look:

Image Source: Instagram

If you have watched friends then you know that Monica was a chef. This look is so much well-coordinated, and best fit if you have to wear a formal dress. And don’t forget to notice those small and elegant earnings.

This is definitely the best formal look one can have.

At last but not least “Monica Geller wedding dress”

Monica geller best outfit , her wedding dress

Image Source: Instagram

And how can we forget about Monica’s wedding dress, the one which she got after a lot of planning and struggle? Do you ever see a beautiful bride like her? And yes this veil is just everything.

All image Source: INSTAGRAM

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