UDAIPUR which is known as “THE CITY OF LAKE” and also “VENICE OF THE EAST”, is located in Rajasthan “THE LAND OF KINGS”. Udaipur city with a stunning location, cultural, heritage, and the architectural work out there is unable to describe in words. this city is surrounded by a number of artificial lakes, forts, garden, and many more many historical places especially the city palace. Check out this post to Check out the top 10 best places to visit in Udaipur.

The best time to visit Udaipur is from November till the end of March. After due to the rise in the temperature and due to the scorching heat this place not preferred by the travelers.

Read the section to know the Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Udaipur:


Constructed on the bank of Lake Pichola over 40 decades. This place has a number of domes, towers, arches and this adds a flavor of heritage to this place. One must go along with a travel guide because this will help you a lot to explore the place a lot and also you will come to know much more about the history of the city palace.

City palace has a section in which there is a number of miniature paintings, games of the maharajas of Udaipur.

Shootings of many Bollywood movies were done here including Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. And it is also a place which is very popular if one wants to have a destination wedding.


  • Take a tour to the City Palace (with the help of traveller guide one can explore it much better and also discover the historic aspects )
  • Visit the City  Palace Museum
  • Have a  scenic and enthralling  view of lake Pichola


 The lake built in 1362 and surrounded by many heritage sites. And surely the best view of lake Pichola comes at night when one can see the proper lighting and that serene view is must to have a view if you are visiting Udaipur. The boat ride shouldn’t be missed and this give just enthralling experience and visiting lake Pichola is one of the best things to do in Udaipur.


The lake with a serene view is the second most beautiful artificial lake in Udaipur. The boat ride is a must if one is visiting Fateh Sagar lake to get the stunning view of the lake and also of the Aravalli hills. The visit to this lake will give a very peaceful and memorable experience.


If one wants to seek the blessings of Lord Vishu and to enjoy the sunset sights one must visit the Jagdish temple, which was built in 1651.

This is three story temple with an eye-catching architectural work including the ceiling work, cravings on the pillars, painted walls and this is also a very peaceful place to visit.

And Jagdish temple is very much close to the City Palace and this is temple is defined as one of the most beautiful temples in Udaipur.


This fair of handicrafts organized in Udaipur. Rajasthan is very popular and famous for its handicrafts and textiles and this fair organized basically to promote the talent if handicrafts, crafts, textiles of Rajasthan. And this fair as a number of workshops which get the attention of the visitors. Mirror work, handicrafts, textiles, elephants art is the aim arts in Shilpgram.

Basically done to promote the art and talent of the local designers of Rajasthan.


If a person goes to Udaipur then the shopping in the local market is a must. Because there one can get a number of items which are related to handicrafts, textiles, embroidery, paintings, vessels, pots, etc.

There are a number of the market in Udaipur, main among them is

  •  Hathi pol
  • Rajasthali
  • Bada bazaar

These market have the best quality products at a very reasonable price.


This is a very popular garden in Udaipur. Saheliyo ki Bari means the courtyards of maidens and it attracts the attention of the tourist especially for its natural and beautiful serene view.

It has a number of fountains, elephants, marbles and the lush green environment. And this place considered as the most beautiful place for photography in picturesque 

And no permission required for photography one is free to take as many pictures as they want.

ENTRY FEE: RS.5/- per person

TIMINGS: 9 am to 5 pm


In order to seek blessings, one should visit the Mata Karni mandir in Udaipur. This temple dedicated to Hindu goddess Karni Mata. This temple is located at Machla Magra hills of Udaipur.

If one is planning to go to Udaipur one must include this in the list. This would be very peaceful.


This museum was established in 2000 and is now open to the general public.  this museum showcases a various number of antique and heritage cars and looks really vintage.

This place of Udaipur is especially for those automobiles lovers who love vintage and heritage cars.

Numbers of cars which are exhibited in the Vintage Car Museum include:

  • 2 Cadillacs
  • A MG –TC Convertible
  • 4 Rolls- Royce’s
  • 1 Ford –A Convertible
  • 1 Vauxhall-12
  • And other antiques including solar rickshaws and many more.

It consists of nearly 20 and maybe more precious cars are exhibited in the vintage car museum.

But photography prohibited in the vintage car museum.


Many will be wondering as to how to go to Shri Manshapurna Karani Mata temple on Machla Magar hills and the answer is ROPEWAY. Nowadays ropeway attracts the attention of the tourists because it is comfortable, accessible and also gives enthralling experience.

With this ropeway, one can visit the Manshapuran Karni Mata temple which is famous for its white idol of the Hindu goddess. And after reaching on the top one can have the best and the most perfect view of Udaipur as a whole and also the view of Lake Pichola, city palace, Fateh Sagar Lake, and many other more sights.

Especially at night one can have the most mesmerizing view with the illuminated lights of the whole city look like a paradise.

Hope you like these Top 10 Best Places must visit in Udaipur.

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