Jonk Oil Reviews: Uses and Benefits

Hey fellow!! 

We all love our hair a lot. Not only girls but boys too!! So, today I came up for some hair care routine and some excellence products that you should use for the best of your hair.

In today’s scenario where we live in such a polluted environment especially all #delhiwalle. So all of us are struggling with some hair problems whether it is hair loss, rough hair and much more. 

So if you are one of those who are facing the problem of hair loss, then you are in the right place. Today I will be sharing an excellent product that will reduce this problem of hair fall, especially in youngsters. 

The name of the product is ” Nature sure Jonk oil” 

Let’s read my review on Nature sure jonk oil. Yes, I can imagine your reaction when you hear this name. Well, same was my reaction like Jonk oil how can it be beneficial for hair?? 

Nature Sure Jonk Oil which is a unique and amusing product because of the fact that it is actually Leech Oil.

Let’s find out how it works:

Jonk oil (leech oil) is an amazing product is a very effective therapy for hair loss or any other hair problem.  The regular use of Jonk oil claims to prevent hair loss and nurtures scalp and hair. With Nature Sure, you get the surety of pure, high-quality ingredients that work to deliver the promised results.

What is leech/ Jonk oil:

Leech or jonk are blood-sucking formless animals, who sucks blood from a person’s body. They were used by ancient Ayurveda to sucks the contaminated blood from the body so that the person can get healthy and fresh.  During this process, the leech is left on the affected portion of the body. 

So that a person can live a healthy life. 

Leech Oil is made from leeches of course but make sure that the organic compounds and nutrients remain the same so that it can effectively treat ailments.

What is claimed by Nature sure jonk oil:

  1. Prevent hair loss and stop hair fall. 
  2. Nourish  your hair and scalp
  3. Remove dandruff
  4. Promote faster healing for all hair related issues. 

Jonk oil texture:

This oil is like all other oil on this planet. But the oil thing that affects me is this that it has a very strong smell and can be very much irritating for a sensitive nose. 


The packaging of the product is just amazing. And it came in two different sizes i.e 110 ml for Rs. 239 and another one in 200 ml for Rs. 478. 

The product is available worldwide on all e-commerce site. 

How to use Jonk oil: 

You can have some amount of the oil on your hand and massage it in your scalp with your fingertip. Next day you can wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water with a mild and sulphate free shampoo. 

For best results use this oil twice a week and you can see how your hair problem start vanishing. 

If you can’t keep it the whole then please do keep it in your hair for at least 3 hours for good results.

I will just suggest to all who so ever is having any hair problem just to use this product once and you can see the results all by yourself. 

To buy jonk oil or to know more explore their website here Nature Sure.

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