DIY Winter Clothes Hacks

As winters are just to start and you must be worrying about what to wear. During winters as you have to wear so many clothes to prevent yourself from this cold season. Many other problems arise but don’t you worry we will discuss awesome DIY Winter Clothes Hacks. It will make you feel comfortable and look good.

So let’s start with our first hack.

1.Warm your clothes:

Whenever we hang our clothes on hangers usually due to cold surrounding around them they also become cold which make you feel more cold so to get rid of this problem you just warm your clothes by putting them in ovens or you can also do this by pressing and then wear it but be careful to not go in cold just after wearing warm clothes as it can make you prone to cold and cough problem.

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2. Use hangers:

Beautiful assortment of men clothing, called kurta and sherwani in India.

Sweaters takes loads of room when stored in drawers and even some might think to store them in your closet. But I find the best way to keep your sweaters clean and clear. It is to hang them but not in usual way. Hanging in casual way can stretch the fibers of the cloth and can form bumps on the shoulders which make sweater look unironed. So you hang them using hang-fold methods which is to hang them using hangers which also help to make them look great. This is also a great DIY Winter Clothes Hacks.

3.Wear tights under your pants:

Depending on how tight you wear your pants you fit tights or long underwear to form an extra layer which will make you feel warm and look good you can also wear leggings if you are wearing trousers.

I like to wear loose trousers and using warm leggings which will not make look fat as well as I will warm from inside.

4. Hang leather clothes:

Leather clothes should hanged using hangers. This is one of the DIY Winter Clothes Hacks.
Close up color image depicting handmade leather jackets in a variety of different colors hanging up in a row on the rail and for sale at Spitalfields Market, a famous fashion and food market in London, UK. The colors of the jackets include red, green, tan leather and the traditional black. Room for copy space.

Leather jackets and pants are like staple in the cold season as it do not allow the air to pass across it. It make you feel very much lighter than the heavy sweater and too they allow us to feel comfortable. But if we fold them and keep them in almirah that can causes creases which will absolutely not look good when you wear them. So to avoid this problem hang the leather clothes using pant hangers.

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Hence, these are few of the DIY Winter Clothes Hacks.

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