Every Jet Setter Needs These Travel Jewelry Cover

You’re wearing your outfits. You have packed your basic cosmetics and makeup supplies in a toiletry bag. Now comes the final step to being ready for your next goal: packing accessories. As we all know, a good pair of earrings, a necklace or a matching bracelet can completely tie an ensemble together. But no one wants to deal with confusing decorations at the destination. You also don’t want to accidentally throw it in your bag. Of course, you could take all this with you on the plane, but in most covers it is safer to put it in your hand luggage or personal belongings.

When you invest in good jewelry, you need to be sure that they travel correctly. That’s where the travel jewelry cover comes in. Put your favorite rings, necklaces, watches and more in the compartments of these functional covers so that your best trinkets are organized and easy to find wherever you are.

Buy the best travel jewelry covers

Travel jewelry cover made of large leather with the image of Caroline the wolf

The WOLF LustreLoc branded lining is exactly what your shiny products need. It protects all kinds of metal from tarnishing by absorbing hostile gases that are known to break down, so your parts look just as flawless when you take them out as when you insert them in. This one is spacious but not bulky, with two internal compartments, a ring stud, an earring stud, four necklace holders and an elastic pocket for all your favorite accessories.

Travel cover for the Rapport Jewelry Box in London

The aquamarine shade makes this jewelry cover stand out from the rest of your luggage. It has a leather exterior with a suede interior, which has two compartments, as well as a ring cushion.

Zipper closure for maximum safety

Travel bag for jewelry EF Collection

Unsurprisingly, one of our favorite jewelry brands also produces one of our favorite travel jewelry bags. This compact leather box from the EF Collection has enough space to store the most necessary things, while each of them is placed in a separate safe place. The zipper keeps everything in place while traveling.

Luxury Leather Travel cover for Royce Jewelry

If you need a little more storage space for earrings, bracelets and rings, look for nothing but a sleek leather jewelry cover from Royce. Complete with a removable zipper compartment and eight compartments for small items, this option is spacious but organized. Pendant earrings can hang from individual hooks without getting tangled, while several rings can be placed on the inner ring bar of the cabinet.

Velvet Jewelry Box by Sophie Bille Brahe

These cute mini velvet boxes from Danish jewelry designer Sophie Bille Brahe are small enough to fit in your work bag to change jewelry on the go. Wrapped in plush velvet and covered with silk satin, they will be a wonderful gift – both for you and for a friend.

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