Hair Fall

Hair Fall is a big problem which is facing by many people day by day.

Hair of any individual reflects his/her personality and it is an important factor in building self-image and when you see your self-image is shedding day by day then it sticks to our head and then we have a bad day.

  An easy method to check that your hair fall is normal or not. Firstly hold the end of your hairs from 2-4 inches and then pull them down so that they have an effect on your head and if after pulling 5-6 hairs come in your hand then that is normal but if they are more than that then you must consult a doctor.

 So let’s start with what causes hair fall:

Cause of hair fall:

This photo is showing you that hair is going to fall.

Lack of protein in your diet:

A good level of protection not just helps you build your body but it also helps to have shiny hair. If you do not have enough protein in your diet then the body starts to ration the use of protein and instead stop the flow of keratin in your hair fall.

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Instant weight loss:

Sudden weight loss which can be planned or unplanned can lead to hair fall because ultimately your physical health is affected by what you eat. To avoid this problem during your weight loss you must be hydrated enough Hydrated.


It is very normal to see a tin pony of hair when women are at the age of 50-60 because the new growth of hair stops during this age which is very normal. This is a very difficult problem to cope with.

Emotional stress:

Stress causes early death of our hairs because when you are stressed then the pressure is on your roots but the good thing is hair fall eventually stops if you are not stressed. Though emotional stress has fewer effects than physical stress for sure can not be avoided.

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Heredity Factor:

We get a lot of things for our parents and grandparents, one of which is the hair loss factor. If there has been a history of hair loss in your family then this problem can affect you too.

Hormone change:

Change in hormones during puberty, menopause, and pregnancy or any other medical factor can lead to weight fluctuations and loss of hairs but as soon as hormones level goes back to normal then hair fall also decreases.

Changing weather:

This is showing this whether is changing in every few months.

Exposure to harsh sun rays or high humidity in monsoon season can lead to hair fall. This is a very common problem that every woman faces. To avoid the problem use good hair products.

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Treatment of hair:

Treating split ends:

Olive oil and honey treatment:

Add two spoons of honey to three spoons of olive oil and mix them well. Apply the mixture to shampooed hairs and wash them with shampoo after 20-40 minutes.

This method is used to travel split ends of your hair.

Avocado protein mask:

 You will need avocado, olive oil, and egg. Empty an avocado in a bowl and add an egg and two tablespoons of olive oil in it. Apply the mixture for 15 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water.

Treating oily scalp:

 One can treat oily scalp by:

Shampooing with care

Avoiding the use of heat products

Cleaning hairbrush daily

Using oil fighting natural ingred

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