Way to Organize Your Closet According to Interior Designers

We were all in this position — digging through piles of clothes in search of a certain top or skirt. This all-too-familiar scenario is usually the result of an unorganized wardrobe, which can lead to a messy morning. Fortunately, we are here to help. If you want to equip a brand new closet or decorate your current space, we contacted interior design and property management experts to find out how to turn your closet into a beautiful showcase.

How to organize your wardrobe

1. Start with the topic.

Before bringing your clothes and accessories, Shaolin Low, the owner of Studio Shaolin, recommends deciding on the theme or aesthetics of the room. “Even if it’s just a neutral setting, the theme helps to create an organized image,” she says. Once you have decided on a theme, it will be easier for you to make decisions on every aspect of the room — whether it’s the color of the walls, accent furniture or the style of hangers.

2. Edit your materials.

Getting rid of things can be the most difficult part of organizing your wardrobe. Zoey Katz, co-founder of Twice as Organized, recommends asking yourself the following question: when was the last time I wore or used this thing? Does it have any sentimental value? If the answer to these questions is no, then most likely you no longer need it.

To effectively and rationally give up clothes, she recommends online stores such as ThredUp or The RealReal. “They provide you with a label and you can attach it to any box and send them your stuff,” she says. “They list them and sell them to you, and if they can’t be sold, they give them away.”

3. Think about lighting.

According to Maria Castillero, lead designer at Spacejoy, lighting in your closet is crucial to how you start your day. “They need good lighting to prepare,” she says. “Using pure white light is ideal for this type of room.” If your closet has a window, Maria suggests placing a full-length mirror on the opposite wall. This way you can “double the natural light,” she says.

4. Create a space where you would like to spend time.

To give your wardrobe a special atmosphere, Rachel Grochowski, chief architect and designer of RHG Architecture + Design, recommends adding a coffee area or a mini fridge to create a cozy bar atmosphere. If you want to give the space a personality, Brittany Farinas, CEO and creative director of House of One, adds that by adding accessories such as silk flowers, decorative items and magazines, you can showcase your favorite items and give the room an elevated look.

5. Mask the mess.

We all have things in our closets that don’t look very aesthetically pleasing, whether it’s socks, old sneakers or a collection of scarves in different colors. To keep these things separate, Kevin Francis O’Gara, founder of Kevin Francis Design, recommends investing in storage benches. If you have sweaters, hoodies or sportswear on your shelves, Abigail Price, interior designer and owner of Abbode, advises using decorative drawers and baskets so that the shelves are not cluttered.

6. Show off your beautiful accessories.

“Shoes and bags should always be displayed on floating shelves,” says Karin Buganim, owner of Karine OCD. This will free up space on your floor, add bright colors to your wardrobe and make it easier to find the shoes you are looking for in a hurry. But floating shelves are not just about practicality. They are also “a great opportunity to combine storage and decor,” Price says. She recommends putting a pair of eye-catching high-heeled shoes on a coffee table for books or putting bags between elegant bookshelves.

7. Choose drawers with a smooth surface to create uniformity.

When choosing drawers and cabinets for your wardrobe, Megan Molten, the lead designer of Megan Molten Studio, recommends adhering to the principle of “less is more”. “I like a clean facade, no clutter, drawers without fuss, with easy removal of edges,” she says. According to her, in a room with such a variety of items, it is best to keep the drawers clean to create a base that will look polished and clean.

8. Use your closet to cut down on morning routines.

Whether you’re rushing to do your morning chores or taking your time, it’s important to have items in your closet that will make your day more efficient. “If you have a place for an island, you should definitely use it,” Farinas says. “It allows you to store your clothes, and you can store accessories of any category, such as sunglasses, belts and more, in drawers.”

Lowe also recommends reserving a place for steaming or ironing clothes. It can be on the countertop, in the corner of the closet, or on the built-in ironing board. Just make sure there is an electrical outlet nearby so that the wires are not scattered all over the room.

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