How to Score Above 90%

How to prepare for class 10 board exams and score good marks–
So, you are going to appear for 10th 12th board exams this year and may be wondering if it is possible to score Above 90% in your 10th & 12th class exam. Well, I like to say that, it is possible”. It is not easy, but you can do,if you really want to get Above 90%. Keep patience and work hard. In this article, I tell you how to prepare for class 10th & 12th board exams, and How to Score Above 90%.

Why are pre-board exams important?

*.The pre-board exam helps students judge their preparation level.
*.They help students gear up for final board exams and take necessary steps to start working on weak subject.
*.While the board exams are a few months away, students can still utilize the remaining time to the hilt, work on their weaker area.

Must have a look at

Plan your schedule:

Now, as you know your weak areas, so you have to give extra time to difficult lessons and transform them to strong ones. It also helps you to improve your knowledge and the freedom you want to plan your schedule the way you want.

Note-making is an effective method to answer How to Score Above 90%:

Prepare short notes and list out the main points that can help you to recall all the answers smartly and quickly. The act of writing notes or charts in your memory and is more effective than Reading. In this way, you will also be able the points better and remember everything.

Ways to make notice effectively must visit

Solve previous years’ question papers:

Solving previous years question papers will boost your confidence. A Student will be able to understand the kind of questions comes in examination. Most importantly, solving previous year question papers help you to know the format of the questions comes in examination.

Preparation Tips for Subjects

For Science:-

Science is a important and scoring subject we will tell you How to Score Above 90%.
Design Concept Of Word SCIENCE Website Banner.

1.Make list of formula, experiments and derivations. 2.strict not to miss the science laboratory classes and lectures.
3.The NCERT books are most important to get best percentage. science formulas have certain rules that can strictly need to follow.

For Math:-

MATHEMATICS IS EASY AND highest scoring subject have a look at How to Score Above 90%.
Mathematics. Open book with maths doodles with lettering. Education vector illustration.

1.You have to know all the Math’s formulas and use of that formula’s.
2.concepts of formula’s.
3.You have to know how/where to use formula.

For English:-

English. Open book with language hand drawn doodles and lettering on yellow background. Education vector illustration.

Solve unseen passage/note making from previous year paper’s and similarly, Keep practicing, practice of GRAMMER. Also, Learn about writing skills and How to write answers and in how many pages.

For Hindi:-

creative Hindi alphabet texture background – high resolution

It is fairly easy to score above 90 marks in Hindi.
Solve question bank from guide and also most importantly, solve previous year question paper’s. These are the ways to get good Percentage in Class 10 & 12 board examination.

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