Join the Fashion Brands Supporting the Lgbtqia+ Community

Between the Stonewall riots in 1969 and the federal legalization of same-gender marriage in 2015, millions of U.S. citizens spent half a century action for change. Now, over the years, one thing has become more and more obvious: basic human rights are not promised or guaranteed, and we cannot stop action for them once they are achieved. Progress is something that we must continue to defend at all costs, using our voices, our resources and our platforms to defend our positions and action for what is right.

While Pride Month is a reason to celebrate, it is also an opportunity to support organizations that contribute to this progress, from supporting LGBTQ+ people fleeing roughness (Rainbow Railroad) to ending self-destructions among lesbian, gay, venereal, trans people, queer people and interviewed youth (the Trevor Project). Fashion designers around the world are coming together to express support for these vital causes, and during the month of Pride, they present donation return initiatives for several non-profit organizations. Dive into the full edit and consider whether it’s worth adding them to the cart — these brands make charitable donations for every purchase.

1. Carolina Herrera

To celebrate pride, Carolina Herrera has released a jewelry capsule featuring all the colors of the Pride flag, with 100 percent of the proceeds from the capsule going to Cullen-Lorde. Cullen-Lord Community Medical Center provides medical care and related services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in New York City.

“I am very proud to be able to offer our rainbow necklace and earrings, and all proceeds will benefit Callen-Lorde,” said creative director Wes Gordon in a press release. “Her work for LGBTQ+ communities, especially for young people, is more important now than ever.””

2. Versace

As part of Pride Month, Donatella Versace teamed up with Cher to create an exclusive collaboration called CHERSACE. Part of the proceeds will go to Gender Spectrum, a charity that works for the health and well-being of young people of different genders and their communities.

“Donatella and I have been dear friends throughout our lives. It just seemed right that our very first collaboration was about LGBTQ pride and celebrating a community that means so incredibly much to both of us,” Cher wrote in the post. Versace adds: ”I am glad that we can support such a brilliant charity that has a particularly positive impact on young people.”

3. Zadig and Voltaire

As part of the non-profit arm of the French brand Art is Hope, Zadig & Voltaire launched the Pride capsule and donated 10 percent of the proceeds to Queer|Art, an organization that supports the professional development of LGBTQ+ artists through two key initiatives.

“All of us at Queer/Art have been very impressed by the transformative commitments Zadig & Voltaire have made to Art Is Hope over the past two years, and we are deeply grateful to them for partnering with Z&V for Pride 2022,” says Travis Chamberlain, managing director of Queer Art. “As an artistic organization working to unite and strengthen the generational LGBTQ+ artist community, Zadig & Voltaire’s significant support helps us open new horizons to create a bright future for queer and trans artists in the United States.”

4. Roxanne Assoulin

Roxana Assulin teamed up with the Ali Forney Center as part of Pride Month and supports the nation’s largest nonprofit organization in providing housing and medical services to LGBTQ+ youth who are facing homelessness in New York City. 100 percent of the profits from the AFC Pride bracelet will be donated to the organization’s “Welcome Home” campaign.

5. Edie Parker

The Flower of Edie Parker has released three limited editions with a clear message: “SAY GAY,” which strikes back directly at the “Don’t say Gay” bills in the south of America. 15 percent of the profits from Slim Jean Lightyear and Slim Flavia will be donated to the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which aims to end bullying and harassment of LGBTQ+ students in the school environment.

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