Kate Bock and Kevin Love Old New York-Inspired Wedding

New York has long been considered a magical place, and it remains so today. This is one of the many reasons why the “Great Gatsby” is regularly called one of the greatest novels ever written. Its pages are full of the splendor, splendor and charm of old New York — the sensations that supermodel Kate Bock wanted to create for her wedding with Kevin Lave.

In June, the wedding took place in front of the iconic backdrop of the New York Public Library in the presence of families and friends of the couple. The historic space has been transformed into a black and white Gatsby ball inspired by the city itself. “New York is such a special place for us,” Kate Bock wrote to the Editorialist Edition. “I had classic New York architecture on the blackboard, so the New York Public Library was the perfect place for our wedding. It is a very iconic place for the city and is a historical attraction. There were also mostly black and white photos on my chalkboard, so it made sense to ask my guests to put on their best black and white outfits for the occasion.”

After the momentous day, we met with Bok to learn about her beauty tips and tricks, the little details of the activities that brought the weekend together, and what inspired her to do it.
“We met in 2015. Kevin and I both filmed with the same photographer. He played, as it were, the role of the “matchmaker”. We separately looked at each other’s photos taken by the photographer, and both became interested in each other. Thanks to the photographer, we were able to get each other’s contact information and establish a connection. Although I don’t necessarily believe in love at first sight, because I believe that you have to get to know someone better before you fall in love, that’s how we did it.”

About your skin care regime before the wedding:

“On the eve of the big weekend, I took care of my skin in a special way so that my makeup artist Lisa Aaron would help me achieve a perfectly radiant, tanned look. Every day I start by cleaning my face with a foaming Dr. cleanser. Barbara Sturm. This is my absolute favorite. Then I use Vintner’s Daughter essence and serum to give the skin a subtle shine. I have been using this tool for a long time and I have a feeling that it really works! Then I use the serum with Dr. hyaluronic acid. Barbara Sturm for additional humidification and the Vanish Prime Airbrush by Hourglass. As for the eye cream, my dermatologist and facial care specialist recommends Skin Science Eye Cream.

I think a good eye cream is really important, especially because the skin around the eyes ages faster. After all, I use Supergoop! An invisible sunscreen that runs so naturally and smoothly. Thanks to him, your makeup will look great! In addition to morning skin care, I often do face masks at Cynthia Rivas. She uses Biologique Recherche for me and I like its high quality ingredients. I also use a night cream prescribed by my dermatologist. I’m going to Dr. Bhanusali. He created an incredibly effective, tailor-made cream for me. It works as if by magic.”

On your wedding weekend it looks like:

“On Friday, at our rehearsal dinner, I put on a picture of Oscar de la Renta and shoes from Stuart Weitzman. For the ceremony, I worked with the team of Ralph Lauren on the design of the dress of my dreams. I was inspired by Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. It was decorated with elaborate lace and beads, with eye-catching long sleeves, a high neckline and an open back. It was absolute perfection – a real work of art. We worked on it together for several months and changed direction a few times, but once we reached the perfect design, we just got it. For the reception, I dressed up in a picture of Daniel Frankel, which was very old-fashioned – Hollywood glamor. Off-the-shoulder silk dress with long sleeves, which is perfectly draped. I also had Danielle Frankel X Manolo Blahnik special shoes that matched the dress perfectly. The dress allowed me to move all evening and perfectly suited the style of our wedding. For the afterparty I chose a different design by Danielle Frankel – this time a mini dress with tulle lining. It was so playful and fun, while remaining classic and elegant. I combined it with the cutest high heels from Jimmy Choo. I danced all night until dawn and put on this dress!”

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