Pubg Unknown Battleground designed by Brandan Greena, also better known as the online handle PlayerUnknown, and previously he created ARMA2 mod DayZ.
This game is also known as an online multiplayer battle royale game and this was developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game Bluehole. Pubg game is based on previous mods and that created by Brendan “PlayerUnkown”.
This game first released for Microsoft Windows via Steam’s early access beta program in March 2017, and this game fully released in December 2017. PUBG released by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One via its Xbox Game Preview program in the same month and the PUBG game officially released in September 2018. This game is mobile friendly version game for Android and iOS.
Pubg Unknown Battleground is one of the best-selling and highest-Grossing and most played videos game of all time. Pubg has sold over a 70million copies of personal computers in 2020.
Pubg Unknown Battleground got 1 billion downloads up to March 2021.


Pubg Unknown Battleground is a shooter game in which up to 100 hundred players fight in a Battle Royale, this game is large-scale in which the last man standing deathmatch will win the PUBG game. In this game, the player chooses to enter the matching solo, duo, or with their small team of four people, and the last person who lives wins the game.
Pubg games start with players going in-plane for battle with their four-team player and the area of the map is approximately 8 X 8 kilometer, 6 X 6 kilometer, and 4 X 4 kilometer in size. And the plane flight goes across the entire map. And when they jump from planes they search buildings and guns. These weapons are placed everywhere, in every building, in every garden, etc. REVIEW

PUBG Unknown battleground received positive likes and positive comments from everyone. This game presents a new gameplay type that was easy to play for all ages, and this game is only for 18+ age. This game organizes a Battleground match and the person who wins that game got presents on behalf of PUBG unknown battleground corporation. This game also received several game of the Year nomination. This game also runs tournaments for those who are very good players and who got good ranks in playing teams. And last, this game recently banned in some countries because it harms the youngest players and that players also got addicted to this game.

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This image this the design of pubg game and how this game is looking when a player play this game

PYBG game represents standalone version and this game has Faster development this game got time to time new updates. Map of the game is built in Himalaya and the map of the game got many challenges if anybody wants to cover this full map then he has to face many challenges and that challenge was very dangerous and this game designed as a mix between the realistic simulation of ARMA 3.
PUBG game is based on Greene’s experience and the islands introduce many features in their first map, known as “Erangle”. The map of this gave many new designs and offers to the players an option to make strategic and unique gameplay. And the buildings of this game got the antic look which was made in the 1950s. This game has its own software to connect the random players and make them ready to play. In this game we are able to send messages and talk to our team players so for that we make a plan/strategy to kill other team players and win the game.
This game always starts with Freefall from an airplane to start each match. In this game make are able to change our skin and we are also able to purchase any skin or any weapon. And the winners of the game got the title of ” Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


PUBG Unknown Battlegrounds made US#12 million in the first three days and windows early access released in March. The second week of April this game sold over one million copies and up to that there are 89,000 players ready to play The Game. This game is in the list of highest top 10 grossing revenue games. By may 2017, this game sold over two million copies, and up to that this game got US$60 million. After some month Bluehole announced that this game exceeded US$100 million.

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