Shelby Ying Hyde Fashion Editor Packs for a Week in Curaçao

Nothing screams “summer” like skipping the city and going to the islands. This season, fashion editor and style muse Shelby In Hyde went to the Dutch island of Curacao with a suitcase of bright outfits that are sure to appear against the background of crystal sapphire shores and green palm trees. We asked Hyde to take us on a trip and tell us about her irreplaceable things for recreation, the muses of travel and the philosophy of “OOO”.

SICH: For me, the key to a successful trip is definitely a balanced route. Contrary to what many might think, I like to do outdoor activities — deep—sea scuba diving, banana boat riding, quad biking, hiking – the list goes on. But as much as I love planning trips, I also need a day or two when nothing is on the schedule. Before traveling to the new Sandals location in Royal Curacao, I made a list of what I needed to see and see, and left almost everything else aside. Besides taking some downtime, it also gave me the opportunity to change some things when the weather or my mood didn’t meet the requirements. Having this flexibility is very important.

AIX: Do you have a travel muse?

SICH: I wouldn’t say I have a travel muse, but I prefer a very laid-back style that many on vacation would compare to Laurie Harvey. A fresh face, light, graceful silhouettes and my natural curls, always.

SICH: I used to be a strict packer (like many people), but as I got older and started traveling more for work, I started noticing how many things would be left without clothes at the end of the trip. As obvious as it sounds, I started packing images or outfits, not just random stuff. Now, when packing, I try to try on everything as if I were wearing it on a trip, and even take a picture (using my tripod or Polaroid camera, like Kim Kardashian and her stylist in an episode of KUWTK).

Since I always plan several of my days in advance, I create these outfits according to what is indicated in the schedule. Also be realistic. If you know that sightseeing is included in the program, leave high heels at home and choose something more comfortable instead. (I’ve also been using a Beis Weekender bag for about a year and strongly recommend that everyone keep their wallets in a suitcase and take them with them in their carry-on luggage.)

SICH: I always like to try new interesting new labels during my vacation. The Australian brand TrophyWife produces really funny slip dresses made of palm silk, and the lightweight knitwear of Asta Resort is ideal for a tropical holiday. And for those who are interested in neutral tones in everyday life in New York, Siedre’s color stories are a great way to get out of your comfort zone. In addition, the Mediterranean and Scandinavian influences create simple silhouettes that are as chic as they are cool. Also, since I always stay active during countless trips, I really like the functionality of Ashya bags. I can transport everything I need in a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing design. A really win-win situation.

AIX: What travel cosmetics do you take with you wherever you go?

SICH: I like to stick to a minimal skin, hair and hair care regime when traveling, but there are a few things that I absolutely need to have on hand. The first is the Summer Fridays jet lag mask, whose moisturizing formula is ideal for dry and tired skin. I hardly use makeup on vacation, except for Milk sunscreen with SPF 30. It has a very transparent but comfortable lid, and it is very light. Finally, for my hair, I can’t get enough of the Ceremonia Guava Beach Waves spray to revitalize my curls after several days of high humidity. In addition, the Supergoop glow stick accompanies me everywhere, even when I’m not traveling.

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