Unique Plonk Glasses That Were Made for Display

Creating a stunning tabletop landscape is an art. To start, start with a tablecloth or tablecloth. Then add the dishes, cutlery and cotton napkins. Accessories can include everything from flower vases to votives for candles and candlesticks. The final touch? A set of unique plonk glasses. Whether you are hosting a festive brunch or a summer evening, plonk glasses are a non-negotiable element of your table decor. Here we have collected our favorite unique options for each red, white or pink. When your meeting is over, store it on a bar cart or on a shelf in the kitchen so you can admire its craftsmanship every day.

Arhaus Camilo plonk Glasses

Affordable Arhaus glasses are ideal for display on a bar cabinet or an open shelf. The asymmetrical triangular silhouette gives them a modern look, while the gold frame, thin base and textured glass add elegance.

La DoubleJ X Salviati set with 8 glasses of Murano plonk

Eight La Double J glasses, created in collaboration with the historical Venetian glassblowers Salviati, are presented in a rainbow color scheme reflecting the bright aesthetics of the brand. They are handmade in Italy from Murano glass, produced on the island of the same name since the 18th century, with a fluted, fluted shell and thin stems that complement the elegant silhouette. Let them bring brightness to the sunlit dining environment.

Baccarat Véga Red plonk Glass

The unique Baccarat red plonk glasses deserve a place in your crystal collection. Each of them is made in France and decorated with a folded diamond rod inspired by the geometric figures of the sculptor Constantin Brancushi. Use them on special occasions or to decorate your evening Pinot.

Moda Domus plonk Glass with stem

If you want your table to look like Lauren Santo Domingo’s, try this stemmed plonk glass created by a style icon. A vintage-style solar product made in Italy will be a bold addition to any spring or summer table. Combine it with floral napkins and matching water glasses to create a stunning tabletop landscape with minimal effort.

A plonk glass in the Mackenzie-Childs Royal Receipt

This unusual plonk glass is handmade from start to finish. First, each piece is hand-blown by craftsmen from Eastern Europe; then it is hand-painted with the recognizable Mackenzie-Childs royal tambourine. A splash of gold along the edge completes the image.

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